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2019 / 01 / 28

Working on my fitness


There’s no better time to start moving. It’s proven that exercise promotes more restful sleep, increases your energy, boosts your mood, lowers anxiety, decreases risks of osteoporosis and heart failure, and sparks joy in the bedroom (and we’re not talking about tidying up with Marie Kondo) 

What do you want out of 2019? Forget how you look, what about feeling good and sleeping better? Set goals, stretch it out, create patterns of movement that propel you toward health. Cultivate a life how you want: make fitness and wellness fit with your life.

At Lawson, we have everything you need to fit with it. Get the right fit of bra for your body type and the most comfortable yoga pants you’ll never want to take off.

Do you have a fitbit yet? These intuitive bracelets were all the rage when they hit the wellness scene and for good reason: tracking your steps, your heart rate, your calories burned, plus how you’re sleeping has never been easier or more stylish. The new Fitbit Charge 3 (London Drugs, $199.99) is more advanced than versions past.

For workout gear, wear something sleek and comfortable yet stylish enough that makes you excited every time you put it on. Finding small moments of motivation will help get your butt into gear (literally). 1 Try the Urban Legging (Reitman’s, on sale for $16.47) in black and match with a 3 comfortable hoodie (Reitman’s, on sale for $14.97) that will take you from the gym to the grocery store without worrying about running into someone you know. Pack it all into a 2 stylish quilted bag (Maurices, $44).  Slip into something a little more comfortable when you get home with these 4 cropped joggers, on sale for $14.97. 



Kick it from the gym to the mall in a pair of 5 comfortable sneakers you’ll want to wear with everything like these Champion salmon pink cross trainers (Payless, on sale for $23.99). 



Struggle finding a bra for your body type? We found the best options like this pretty lilac bralette, (Maurices, $20) well suited for plus sizes, or these water wicking sports bras from Reitman’s ideally suited for getting your sweat on: Hyba Convertible, on sale for $17.95; Hyba Racerback, on sale for $14.97. Hyba mult-strap, on sale for $11.97. 



After your workout, don’t forget to wash up! Cleansing your skin properly after getting sweaty is another important element of wellness. A tea tree oil is the best for purifying the skin, especially if you’re acne-prone, and we’re impartial to this 8 body wash (The Body Shop, on sale for $12.80)  combined with this 9 charcoal face mask (The Body Shop, on sale for $22.40)  for a whole body that glows. Give your face a little work out too with a 10 face massager to promote lymph drainage and an even complexion (The Body Shop, $30). 


Working on my wellness


Fitness is just one part of a wellness routine that brings balance into the body for a life of feeling good. Infusing your home with and daily life with essentials will definitely inspire you to pursue a life of happiness.

Yoga mat + stretch ball: If you’re working on toning and building muscle, the cool down is an integral part of the workout. Try this 11 Purearth Ekko Mat (London Drugs, on sale for $19.99) for your stretch combined with a 12 rejuvenating massage ball (London Drugs, $11.99).  Another great habit to incorporate into the rhythms you are created is lighting a candle like these 13 white linen votives (London Drugs, $9.99) or starting up a 14 diffuser like this one (London Drugs, $79.99) with a 15 peppermint essential oil (Sangsters, $19.99) to create a fresh alertness during your at-home stretch. 

Eating well is the key to feeling good. Find what feels good with cookbooks packed full of delicious recipes that get you excited about meal time and nourish your body with the best ingredients. We love 16 Eat Beautiful (Coles, $40) and 17 The Mindful Glow (Coles, $34). Stay hydrated with a 18 white marble S’well (Twisted Goods, 25oz, $57.99).


Do you feel exhausted just thinking about everything you want to start doing? Creating a plan and sticking to it can be tough, but with a planner or journal by your side, like this 19 99 Ideas Book (Coles, on sale for $17.50), prompts you to inspire your dreams and achieve your goals.  And of course, end the day with rest. Stillness is a healthy part of any active lifestyle and finding moments of solitude and bliss ease our mental states and help our bodies heal. When you’re in the bath, this 20 Bathtub Caddy (Twisted Goods, $49.99) holds your book, a candle, and a hefty glass of wine (we’ve tested it and, rest assured, it won’t topple over). 


Go ahead, fit with it. Fit with wellness. Fit with wellness. Fit with self-love. Fit with Lawson.


– Lawson For Life