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A Well-Lived Life


2019 / 09 / 02

A Well-Lived Life

Entering into the new season brings a shift into new rhythms and patterns. With the change, we transform with it, renewing our perspectives for the last months of the year and setting goals for a new fall and winter routine. September marks a transition into a new type of abundance. Nature is preparing to hibernate and we are making big plans for the holidays and ringing in the new year. It’s never too early to start thinking about how you want to make the most of the rest of 2019. Have goals you didn’t meet yet? Now’s the time to revisit them. With the winds of renewal on our backs, there’s a “new you” invitation to press a restart button and get into a new groove.

Let us help you usher in the new and embrace the changes that the season brings. Flow into Fall with your favourites from Lawson.

Loving Yourself Well

Rupi Kaur wrote: “How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.” Self-care isn’t just a millennial movement, it’s an integral effort for sustainable well-being. Love must start with ourselves if we are going to have healthy relationships and happy communities. At Lawson, we’re celebrating the individual and the mantra that every moment of our lives can be the beginning of great things. Begin great patterns of self-love to fuel the season with wellness.


The Fit Bit inspires you to live a healthier life by helping you manage everything from everyday stress to calories burned. The Fit Bit has your back — as well as your heart (1. London Drugs, $259). (PS. Want to win a Fit Bit? Check out our contest at the bottom of the page!).

Our bodies hold onto the tension of life making it hard to relax. Integrate stress-relief into the routine with items designed to help your body loosen up. We love wooden tools from the Body Shop like this total body massager (2. The Body Shop, on sale $16). Follow up with some dry brush massaging for healthy lymph drainage and exfoliation with this Long Handle Brush (3. The Body Shop, on sale $14.40).

Introduce supplements into the routine to help boost your body and promote cycles of wellness. Having trouble sleeping? Help your brain ease into rest with sleep supplements like Sleep Works, infused with lemon balm, passion flower and melatonin (4. Sangsters, $26.99).

Always sick when the weather changes? Boost your immune system with supplements high in Echinacea like Immune Protect (5. Sangsters, $22.99)


Taking time to set the table, craft a meal, and enjoy it free of distractions is one of the best ways to live abundantly. For well-fed moments together, try our favourite recipes brought to you from Safeway.

HOMEMADE SUSHI. There's nothing more delicious than home-made sushi. Easy to make, sushi keeps well in the fridge for lunches of snacks through the week. Get your essentials like a sushi matt (Stokes, $1.98) and chopsticks (Stokes, $5.99) for an authentic experience. 

DUTCH OVEN KOREAN-STYLE RIBS. Time to take out your dutch oven for this tantalizing umami braised rib dish that will simmer away all afternoon. Find a classic red dutch oven from Stokes (8. $69.98). Serve in large marbled bowls with enough space for all the goodness (9. Stokes, $11.99).

NO-BAKE BREAKFAST BARS. Gluten free and quick to prepare, these are sure to become a family favourite in no time. Optional: add different nuts or pieces of chocolate. Store them away in a place where you can keep an eye on them with clear glass canisters (10. Stokes, $19.99).


For fashion-forward women, Fall is the favourite season. Layers, great texture, cozy knits, what’s not to love? For the cool weather ahead, we're focusing on some tried and true classics that happen to be on the trend forecast. We're talking leather, lilac, and lemon yellow.

When it comes to warm and stylish layers, leather is always better. If you're embracing leather this season, balance out statement pieces with feminine tones and light fabrics. We love lilac and lemon yellow for the season as they're fresh, inspiring and a fun departure from the typical brown and burgundy clothes of winter.

Sunday errands:

Start with the perfect cozy cardigan (11. Northern Reflections, $41.99). 

Switch out your summer bag for a classic saddle bag in a striking shade of red (12. Boutique of Leathers, $310).

Pair with a classic tank top available in a variety of colours 14. Northern Reflections, $10)

Finish with floral cuff jeans: (13. Northern Reflections, $59.99)

Business casual:

Start with a v-neck sweater (15. Le Chateau, $59.95) or lilac button-down (16. Maurices, $29). Pairs perfectly with an oversized knit cardigan in a neutral shade (17. Maurices, $39). Finish the look with a timeless pair of chino pants (18. Maurices, $39) for a feminine, classic outfit built with neutrals and a pop of colour.


We love this striped dress (Maurices, $44) in rich autumnal tones. Layer up with a leather jacket (20. Boutique of Leathers, $199.99) and deerskin gloves (22. Boutique of Leathers, $14.99). Tie together the yellow from the dress with a pair of geo-drop earrings in a matching shade (21. Le Chateau, $12.95). Complete your date-night or night-out look with yellow heels if you're feeling bold, or beige heels if you want to go for a less bold look (Le Chateau, $129.95). 


Nothing will make you feel more gorgeous than the perfect pencil skirt. Feeling daring? Try a Faux leather skirt (24. Laura, $88) that hugs you in all the right places. Match textures with a faux leather basket weave handbag (25. Laura, $29.99). Bring in that fresh lemon yellow with a mosaic print scarf (26. Laura, $25) and a fresh & feminine yellow tank (Maurices, $29). The combination of soft and feminine with edgy and bold will be sure to turn heads. 

5 Steps for Abundance

As we head into the season, we're looking for small and mindful ways to cultivate an abundant life. Here are 5 of our favourite ways to invite the winds of renewal and live abundantly. 

1.     Laugh More

Did you know that on average, children laugh about 300 times a day? Compared to adults: we laugh only 4-17 times a day. Now that’s not something to joke about! Laughter is proven to boost your emotional state, improve your well-being and even bring a sense of hope. Prioritize funny: watch movies, spend time with friends, go to a comedy show. Even fake laughing is proven to have similar positive effects!

2.     Turn Negativity into Positive Action

How many times do negative thoughts creep in to ruin your day? Negative thoughts can weave a web that is hard to escape from. Try taking one thing you feel negative about today and try to cancel it out with a positive action. Some example include asking for help, seeking advice from a wise friend, telling someone about your concern or doubt, standing up for yourself or speaking your truth, and forgiving someone. 

3.     Declutter 

A great feng shui tip is to declutter any stagnant objects in order to allow clean positive flow through your home. Find homes for scattered items: File away the paperwork, clean out that junk drawer, put away the clothes, donate items you don’t need. Once completed, clean the house with scented cleaners that awaken your senses (orange or lemon are always a favourite).

4.     Shed Old Mentalities

As adults, we are not victims to our circumstances. We have power to move to new spaces, spend time with positive people, find new jobs, new activities. If you’re feeling like a victim to life, one way to reject defeatist viewpoints is to focus on the positive. Get a daily gratitude journal or notebook and write down good events and relationships that are happening in your life. Spending time reminiscing on what was good will give less space to the negative moments.

5.     Cook Abundant Meals

There’s nothing more satisfying than a homemade, thoughtfully cooked meal with friends and family. By nourishing our bodies with balanced meals, we will feel more energized for the day ahead.

AM: Start your morning with something protein-rich and high in fat. Foods like eggs, ricotta, avocado, and greens will set you up for a more successful day than pastries, cereal or toast.

AFTERNOON: Listen to your body! Craving fats? Try a burger or salmon salad. Craving sugar? Try a fresh fruit parfait. Find healthy alternatives to what your body is asking for. Snacking throughout the day is encouraged!

PM: Busy day? Pick up a slow cooker and start a chili or soup in the morning. Night-off? Prepare a stir-fry or roast a chicken, taking extra special time to perfect those flavour profiles. Note: Try not to eat too late! Eating too late can cause health issues and throw off your sleep.

Abundant Living // September Giveaway

For this month’s giveaway, we are preparing for a rejuvenated season of patterns + rhythms that lead to wellness for the remainder of the year. A Fit Bit to track your health journey and shoes from Quarks to take you there. Brene Brown’s best-seller I Thought It Was Just Me and a gratitude journal to document your growth. Boost your health routine with the help of a Sangster’s Gift Card. Give yourself a fresh haircut with the help of a Chatters Gift Card.

For this unique giveaway, we're asking that you nominate a deserving friend, or colleague and tell us why they deserve to win this self-care pack for an abundant life. Practice abundant generosity and tell us who you think deserves a boost! Simply enter online through our contest page or through social media, nominate a friend, colleague or family member.

Contest details:

How to Enter: Like Lawson Heights on Facebook or Instagram. Tag your friend and tell us why they deserve to win. You may also enter on our online contest page.

Prize pack: A Fit Bit from London Drugs + $50 Gift Card for Quarks + Brene Brown's best-selling book I Thought It Was Just Me + Gratitude Journal from Coles + Sangsters Gift Card + Chatters Gift Card. Pack valued at $500.

Official Rules:

Contest open to residents of Saskatchewan. All ages welcome to apply. Winner must pick up prize within two weeks of being contacted at Lawson Heights Mall. Contest ends at 11:59pm EST September 29th, 2019.