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12 Personalities of Christmas: Day 5


2019 / 12 / 02

12 Personalities of Christmas: DAY 5

On the fifth day of Christmas, we must find something perfect for: the adventurer! 

Always on the go, the adventurer is the constant vagabond and wanderer. Constantly in a new spot, this one is hard to keep track of: Greece? I thought you were just in Amsterdam! Getting a taste for the rich colours and sounds of far off cities and cultures, they come home briefly to recharge, sleep in a good bed, and then get going again. For the person with one foot out the door, give gifts that travel with them and don’t weigh them down. 

Every wanderer needs travel necessities, no matter how minimalist they are. A stylish carry-on bag with wheels from Bentley (5) makes for the perfect companion on any trip. Speaking of great companions, this stylish Stojo reusable tumbler from Twisted Goods (4) has a little secret: it collapses! Once the coffee is gone, squish it, tote it, and go. For carrying books and snacks on the streets of Paris, tote the classic book bag from the Remai Modern gift shop (3), a light-weight printed canvas bag that can easily fold up when you don’t need it. Stuff it with treats plus a gorgeous SK handmade leather notebook + passport holder from Creature Leather, found at Remai Modern (2). Need to pack light? Leave the big gadgets at home, all you need is an Apple Watch from London Drugs (6) to keep track of emails, text messages and daily steps as the roam Rome. Does your wanderer have a home base? Help them keep track of all the places they go with a classic scratch map from Coles (1). As they bounce from place to place, this map will always remind them of where they’ve been and the place they call home.

There are only 23 days left until Christmas! Have you made your list and checked it twice yet?

Santa is here! Did you get a chance to visit Jolly Saint Nick this week? Santa will be here until December 23rd, so don't miss out on your opportunity to get your picture with him this year! Sprinkle some magic into your season.

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