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12 Personalities of Christmas: Day 6


2019 / 12 / 04

12 Personalities of Christmas: DAY 6

On the sixth day of Christmas, we want to get a gift for: the Grinch! 

Christmas isn’t exactly their thing. If you know someone trudging through the season, trying not to make eye contact with the elf on the shelf, denying mugs of eggnog, you might know a Grinch. When it comes to easing the stress of the season, lay off the holiday tunes! If you have a Grinch in your life, you know that finding a gift to turn that frown upside down can be tricky. Like anyone else, despite their disinterest in the whole glitter and glamour of the season, they still want to participate and be involved in their own way. Even though they’re not the they still want to feel connected and loved, but in a very different way. We know the way to their heart: humour, the latest in tech, and a little bit of sugar to spice up their season. 

Deep down, they love the holidays, and it’s your job to help them see it. Pair a cheeky set of “Drink up Grinches” napkins from Twisted Goods with a bottle of their favourite vino from the SLGA. For the naughty grinch on your list, give them a tickle for their taste buds with The World’s Hottest Gummy Bear! Dare them to eat it in one bite (don’t forget to get it on video). For the sports lover in your life, let them ease into comfort with slippers from their favourite team. At the Riders Store, pick up all the little do-dads and gizmos to complete the gift (we strongly recommend a personalized jersey). For the Grinch who’s been on the nice list all year, give the latest from Google: The Nest Hub. This smart home device is their new best friend, displaying photos, acting as home security, and their link to the outside world. 

There are only 21 days left until Christmas! Have you made your list and checked it twice yet?