Monday, January 20, 2020


12 Personalities of Christmas: Day 10


2019 / 12 / 13

On the tenth day of Christmas, we’re shopping for: the romantic artist!

Art is life is love is purpose is significance. The artist on your list lives and breathes all things dance, music, poetry, literature, art, and self-expression. Constantly looking through rose tinted lenses, nature and life fill them with a romantic view of the world. Head in the clouds and hands holding a brush, their innermost motivation is to tell their story and find ways to capture the beauty around them. If you know a romantic artist, you’re familiar with their proclivity for the unusual, the unique, and for the road less travelled. Artists are unique individuals, but whether you have a writer or a graphic designer in your midst, we have found the perfect picks that are sure to bring inspiration.

Every artist’s essential: a classic Moleskine notebook. For to-do lists, poems or drawings, give them a timeless favourite with a twist. We love this miniature notebook inside a handmade in Saskatoon leather case from Creature Leather (1) found from the Remai Modern gift shop. For the subversive artist with a penchant for the unexpected, a hot pink tea towel featuring the iconic Guerilla Girl’s “The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist” from the Remai Modern (2) will surely spice up their home décor.

For the multi-purpose, can’t-be-contained-to-one-medium kind of artist, stuff a multi-tool from Coles (3) in their stocking to take with them on those nature walks or into the studio. Whether they’re writing in a journal, drawing a quick doodle or penning a thank you note, quality pens are always appreciated for the artist (or anyone!). Go with Faber Castell markers (4) or a pen pack (5) from Coles (pairs perfectly with the Moleskine notebook). And who doesn’t love a great calendar for the new year? Help them look ahead with an art-themed calendar from Calendar Club (6).

There are only 12 days left until Christmas! Make some magic happen at a moments notice with help from Lawson.