Monday, January 20, 2020


12 Personalities of Christmas: Day 12


2019 / 12 / 20

On the twelfth day of Christmas, we’re shopping for: the winter hibernator!

Negative temperatures calls for early nights at home on the couch with a cup of cocoa. Turn on Season 5 of Friends, and let’s get this hibernation started. Your zen friend, they choose naps over nights out, would rather have a homemade grilled cheese party than make a reservation elsewhere, and is looking forward to catching up on the latest shows this season. Taking time to recharge after a long year, many people turn their home into a mini-hermitage over the holidays, and can you blame them? With dark and chilly -40 nights, finding little comforts is essential to surviving winter in the prairies.

For all your hibernators, you can never go wrong with fuzzy, cozy pieces they can wrap themselves in. For staying in, we love a weighted blanket (1) from Showcase. Studies show these heavy comforters (that come in a variety of weights and sizes) relieve stress and anxiety while helping fitful sleepers get some rest. For those who love staying in but still want to maintain their social life, games are always a hot pick: we love Settlers of Catan from Calendar Club (2) because it’s fun, strategic and encourages healthy competition (or pick up one of the many expansion kits if they already own it).

For those moments when they just have to leave the house, pick up their new favourite scarf (3) from Frenzy Décor so they can keep the cozy with them wherever they go. Help them kick it in style and comfort with beautiful and warm boots from Quarks (4) that will last them season after season. And last but not least: a Friends-themed coffee mug from Twisted Goods (5). Promise they’ll love you forever if you write in their card: “I’ll be there for you, when you need to hibernate.”

Christmas countdown: 5 days! But don't worry there's still plenty of time this weekend to get all your shopping done. Visit Santa one last time before he leaves on the 23rd, donate that fresh milk for the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre, and tie those ribbons around the gifts for the perfect last weekend before Christmas day.